Intel is set to disable AVX-512 on its 12th Gen CPUs

Intel is set to fully disable the AVX-512 instruction set on its entire Alder Lake CPU range. Prior to writing our launch reviews, we had no reason not to believe Intel when it claimed that AVX-512 was not available on 12th Gen CPUs. It wasn’t long after though, that motherboard manufacturers and users discovered that the omission of AVX-512 turned out to be a soft lock. Disabling the E cores meant that motherboard manufacturers could enable AVX-512 on the P cores via the BIOS. Intel has come over the top though, meaning it will be sayonara to AVX-512 on Alder Lake for good.

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Intel is set to disable AVX-512 on its 12th Gen CPUs

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According to Igorslab, Intel has advised motherboard manufacturers that it will block AVX-512 support at a BIOS level, likely through a microcode update. That means any of the workarounds discovered up until now will be null and void.

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