Black Friday's best Xbox Series S bundle is back at GameStop

Black Friday wasn't exactly the best time to pick up an Xbox console, with ongoing supply issues making stock near-impossible to find throughout the weekend. Your chances of scoring an Xbox Series X were slim, with restocks scooped up in seconds, while the Xbox Series S proved a hot commodity even without Black Friday discounts.

Microsoft's first official Xbox Series S bundle, themed around hit titles Fortnite and Rocket League, ended up being one of the best deals this Black Friday. The newly launched package includes Microsoft's latest console for $299, easier on the budget and ideal for kids, coupled with bonus in-game DLC at no additional cost. While it was scooped up fast in the leadup to Black Friday, GameStop has just re-opened online orders with new stock.

The Xbox Series S Fortnite and Rocket League System Bundle costs $299.99. GameStop also has three months of Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership up for $9.99 when purchased with a console, a $35 discount on the usual $45 RRP.

Grab the new Xbox Series S bundle at GameStop

While Xbox Series X remains impossible to track down, you might be able to score the more affordable Xbox Series S. It plays the same next-generation games as Xbox Series X, albeit better suited to HD gaming, rather than 4K resolution. It's also missing a disc drive, making this perfect for Xbox Game Pass and digital gaming. GameStop has stocked the first Xbox Series S bundle, bundling Fortnite and Rocket League bonuses at no extra cost.

$299.99 at GameStop

Black Friday's best Xbox Series S bundle is back at GameStop

The Xbox Series S is one of Microsoft's two next-generation video game consoles, sharing a lot with its flagship Xbox Series X. It's built on the same fundamentals, including similar CPU and GPU architecture, plus speedy solid-state drive (SSD) storage for reduced load times and supporting more complex game worlds. It plays all the next-gen games exclusive to Xbox Series X, including Microsoft Flight Simulator and future releases not headed to Xbox One.

That $299 price point means some compromises, targeting HD gaming, rather than full 4K visuals supported by Xbox Series X. While it supports 4K video streaming, ideal for services like Disney+ and Netflix, it also has no disc drive, meaning you can't play physical disc-based games or movies. It's best when paired with Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass subscription service or buying games through the Xbox Store.

Xbox Series S has a 512GB SSD, with ample room for a few games out of the box. However, with game sizes continuing to grow, you can also expand your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S storage with an external USB hard drive for cheap.

As Cyber Monday approaches, we continue to round up the best Xbox Series X deals, including planned restocks ahead.

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